We are Steve and Taniya Coxhead and we own Timberline Kennels. We have been involved with sled dogs for 24 years and have the largest Siberian Husky Race Kennel in New Zealand. In early 2016 we relocated to Taupo to establish TIMBERLINE – a purpose built facility for our dogs complete with a track for training the team.

Our vision in creating Timberline kennels was to establish a hands on experience and insight into the world of the Siberian Husky and their original purpose as a sled dog.

Over the years we have mentored a number of husky owners who have needed guidance with managing their husky’s. They are a specialist dog and need to be managed in a different way to your average pet dog.

Having had dogs for 35 years and owning and training Huskies as sled dogs for 25 years our observations and research have given us the knowledge to handle these unique dogs. So far we have owned 24 dogs which has included a mix of puppies and rehomed dogs and we pride ourselves on being a home for life. We are excited to be planning a litter this year from our own bloodlines.

We offer a unique setting where visitors can come to our property and have the opportunity to mingle with the dogs and learn about their characteristics, limitations and suitability as a pet. We discuss our philosophy on keeping a pack of Siberian Huskies which includes care of the dogs and what it takes to successfully train and run a sled dog team.

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