Meet the Dogs


Kobe - 6yr old German Shepherd

Loves running in the team and it’s a great outlet for his abundance of energy.

He would be the noisiest in the team.


Geronimo – one of the puppies all grown up

He is now our leader and runs alongside Crow and is showing fantastic leadership skills.

Of the 3 puppies he is most like Timber in temperament – cool calm and collected.


Granite – second boy puppy now a dog

He is a lot bigger than Geronimo and his build is more like his grandfather Polar and grand uncles Sarg and Darkha.

His temperament is more like River – he is very vocal and lets you know he wants to go..NOW !.


Tor – River’s brother and uncle to the puppies

When our old pack leader Tane Mahuta passed away January 2020 Tor took up the mantle of pack leader.

He also has a voice and never fails to use it.


River – The mother of the puppies

She was the best mother to her babies but once they were big enough she let us know she was ready to run again.

Her stamina is incredible and her style of running is effortless.


Shawnee – the only girl puppy in the litter of 3

She is the voted the most likely to be smuggled off the property. All our guests absolutely love her.

She would be the most cuddly dog we have and just loves all the attention she gets during a tour.


Frankie – at 11 years old is no longer running in the team

Frankie has always been a very steady girl and nothing much phases her which is a great trait in a lead dog and has passed all of her knowledge on to Geronimo.

She is now living a great life in retirement!

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