Sled dogs in NZ ! What fun! Super to meet Steve, a fabulous fellow with fantastic canines.

Alexandra and David, Fairbanks, Alaska USA

We visited Timberline Racing Huskies this week and it was even better than we hoped it would be. Steve and Taniya are so knowledgeable about Siberian huskies but it is their enthusiasm and love of their dogs that is so infectious. They are also very generous with their time and hospitality and we felt so welcome. Thank you both!

David Bridson, Taupo, New Zealand

Steve very helpfully picked me up from Taupo to bring me out and was a delightful host. It was just me on the afternoon tour so I had a very personalised experience and got to pick his brains on all sorts to do with huskies and racing. His enthusiasm and passion for the dogs is only matched by the care and attention they receive!

Sean Kennelly, Ivybridge, Devon, UK

It was a great experience...just the right mix of interesting information about the dogs, cuddle time and exciting stories of racing with the dogs. So great to see how passionate they are about their dogs and "their hobby", how good the huskies are treated and how calm they are. If you are in Taupo or nearby it is definitely worth a visit you won't regret it.

Maren Kehlbeck, Germany

Unforgettable experience. Nothing like it ! Super friendly team, very informative and interesting. Will definitely be back !!

Hannah Pym, Wellington, NZ

Absolutely loved the experience - Steve you're a legend :)

Janelle Brooks and Family, Auckland, New Zealand

A truly incredible and unique encounter with amazing people and animals. Steve and Taniya's extensive knowledge and passion shine through to provide a fun, insightful and truly unique experience that included the history of husky racing, the equipment used and a chance to meet these wonderful animals. Thanks again! Tom & Eliza

Tom and Eliza, Hamilton, New Zealand